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Prerequisite: None, Credit: 1, Grade: 9, Weight: S

Develop a foundation for literary analysis and future study of High School English.  Develop an understanding of literary concepts, elements, genres and terms as a foundation for further study of World, American and British Literature.  Develop applied communication skills such as the development of sentences, paragraphs and short themes. Develop listening, speaking and reviewing skills. 



Prerequisite: AG English in Grade 8 Recommended, Credit: 1, Grade: 9, Weight: H

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) Language and Literature course incorporates creative processes and encourages the development of imagination and creativity through self-expression. Students will develop a foundation for literary analysis and critical reading skills; study various literary genres and become involved in independent reading, research, and vocabulary building.  In this course, writing will stress all language skills, especially those relating to grammar, editing, and composition.  Students will also continue to develop skills in writing, conduct library research and write a formal research paper. In addition, they will develop speaking, listening, and reviewing skills.



Prerequisite: English I, Credit: 1, Grade: 10, Weight: S

Develop techniques of informational writing with emphasis placed on developing critical reading and writing skills.  Also, place an emphasis on vocabulary building through a study of various genres from World Literature. Develop speaking, listening and reviewing skills.



Prerequisite: English I Honors Recommended, Credit: 1, Grade: 10, Weight: H

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) Language and Literature course Year 5 continues to build on the aims of MYP Language and Literature including use language as a vehicle for thought, creativity, reflection, learning, self-expression, analysis and social interaction; develop the skills involved in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting in a variety of contexts; develop critical, creative and personal approaches to studying and analysing literary and non-literary texts; engage with text from different historical periods and a variety of cultures; explore and analyse aspects of personal, host and other cultures through literary and non-literary texts; explore language through a variety of media and modes; develop a lifelong interest in reading; apply linguistic and literary concepts and skills in a variety of authentic contexts



Prerequisite: English II, Credit: 1, Grade: 11, Weight: S

Study American Literature, including how it reflects our nation's culture and history.  Also, study the connection of themes, ideas, and movements in American Literature across time.  In addition, students will read representative works from historical periods in American History, from the origin of our country to the present day.



Prerequisite: English II Honors Recommended, Credit: 1, Grade: 11,  Weight: H

Further development of critical skills in reading, writing, thinking and viewing, through the study of American Literature.  Learn research and documentation techniques by completing a research paper.



Prerequisite: English III, Credit: 1, Grade: 12, Weight: S

Study British Literature, including how the literature of Great Britain has influenced American Literature.   Also, study the connections of themes, ideas and movements in British literature. In addition, complete the Senior Project.



Prerequisite: English III Honors recommended, Credit: 1, Grade: 12, Weight: H

Use critical and creative skills in composition and literature through the intense study of representative works from several genres and literary periods of British Literature.  Assume responsibility for your own learning. Participate in extensive independent reading, writing, and research. Also, complete the Senior Project.



Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation, Credit: 1 Per Course, Grades: 9-12,

Weight: REM 

Occupational English I-IV is a series of Classes, which are designed to develop essential reading and writing skills needed for independent living and successful employment.  Reading focuses on decoding and comprehending information for successful community inclusion. Writing emphasizes comprehending and using written information to communicate effectively.



Prerequisite: Application/Teacher Recommendation, Credit: 1, Grades: 9-12, Weight: H

Publication/Yearbook is the study, practice and refinement of the fundamentals of Yearbook Publication, including interviewing, copy writing, layout design, photography, theme development, desktop publishing, as well as marketing. Students will also place an emphasis on teamwork, meeting publisher's deadlines and adhering to ethical standards.  In addition, Honors Students are expected to enter the class with fundamental skills in place, in order to begin book production immediately. They will assist with the training of new staff members, provide daily leadership and assume additional production responsibilities.



This course is taught over a two-year time period, junior and senior year. Students will focus exclusively on literary texts, adopting a variety of approaches to textual criticism. Students explore the nature of literature, the aesthetic function of literary language and textuality, and the relationship between literature and the world.

The courses explore elements of literature focus on:

  • the relationships between readers, writers and texts

  • the range and functions of texts across geographical space and historical time

  • aspects of intertextuality.

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