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IB Program

For full details about this program, visit the High School Resources page on the RCS District Site and select IB Programme from the right-hand menu.

A list of courses offered is listed below.

Theory of Knowledge I

Prerequisite: IB students only

Theory of Knowledge is an integral part of the IB philosophy and is required for every IB Diploma candidate.  The course challenges students to refelct on the nature of knwledge and its relationship to their experiences in and out of the classroom.  Part I examines the role of language and thought in knowledge, the requirements of logical rigor for knowledge, and the systems of knowledge.


Theory of Knowledge II

Prerequisite: Theory of Knowledge I

Theory of Knowledge II fosters attitudes, which lead students to critically evaluate what they and others know.  The subject matter introduced in Theory of Knowledge I is expanded upon pursued further, with an emphasis on examining moral, political, and aesthetic judgements as they relate to knowledge.  Also examined is the realtionship between knowledge and truth. This course, which is required of all diploma candidates, is assessed through an oral presentation and an essay on a selected topic.  The extended essay will be completed in this course.


History of the Americas (HL)

Prerequisite: 11th grade standing, Civics and Economics, and one World course (World History recommended)

This study is a unique approach to American history that includes key comparison with other countries in our hemisphere.  Students will come to appreciate their own cultural heritage in the broad context of the experiences of the peoples of the region.  Students are introduced to history as a discipline and to the historian's methods. This course of study obliges students to go beyond simple narritive; it requires comparison analysis.  This course fulfills requirements for North Carolina's U.S. History.


Modern European History & 20th Century Topics (HL)

Prerequisite: U.S. History or History of the Americas

This is a second level continuation of the IB requirement in the Individuals and Societies.  If focuses on Europe and three major 20th century topics: the causes, practices and effects of war; the rise of single part states; and Cold War relations between the U.S. and Soviet Union.


Math I (SL)

Prerequisite: Algebra II (Honors recommended)

This IB Math option is primarily designed for students who are interested in math-related careers such as engineering, medicine, or science.  Topics include- linear equations and inequalities, quadratic functions, polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, sequences and series, and probability and statistics.


Math II (SL)

Prerequisite: Math Methods I

This course, a continuation of Math Methods I, prepares students for the SL exam.  Topics covered include limits of function, derivatives, application of derivatives, integrals, application of the definite integral, logarithmic and exponential functions, inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, and techniques of integration.


English III A (HL)/English III B (HL)

Prerequisite: English II Honors

This course is the first part of an in-depth, two-year literary analysis training course.  Complete two-year focus includes empasis on all forms and genres of literature (novel, short story, play, essay, poetry, etc.) as material for study with partial concentration on American and British literature in the first year.  In addition to written assignments, student must engage in extensive oral commentaries along with at least one extensive analysis (700-1,000 words) based on works studied. This course fulfills requirements of NC English III and AP English III.


English IV (HL)/English IV (HL)

Prerequisite: HL English III

This course is a continuation of HL English III with  a partial concentration on British and World Literature, with the same requirements for oral commentary and extensive essay analysis as in HL English III.  This course culminates the two-year course of study in literary analysis and prepares students for the HL English A Exam.


Biology I (HL)

Prerequisite: Pre-IB Biology and Chemistry (Honors recommended)

This course builds on the foundation of Biology by investigating the natural world.  Students study organizims and communities both in the lab and in the natural environment that include biotic and abiotic factors, as well as physiological and behavioral adaptations.


Biology II (HL)

Prerequisite: Biology I (HL)

A continuation of HL Biology I, this culiminates the course of study in Biology and prepares students for HL Biology exam.


Spanish V (SL)

Prerequisite: Spanish IV

Students will develop the ability to communicate orally, through writing, and in response to spoken language.  Three major themes will be explored: exploring change (social, political, technological), and exploring groups (family, community, racial), and exploring leisure (arts, film, media).  Successful completion prepares the student for the SL Spanish B examination. This course also fufills the requirements for AP Spanish.


Art and Design II (SL)

Prerequisite: Art and Design I

Designed as an Area #6 SL elective, Art and Design II is based on an expansion of the material introduced in non-IB Art and Design I.  Studio work represents the major part of the course of study, complemented by a research notebook. Successful completion of the course prepares the student to rest in Art and Design SL (portfolio presentation exam).  This course fulfills the requirements for N.C. Honors Studio Art A.


Theatre Arts III (SL)

Prerequisite: Theatre Arts I & II

Designed as an Area #6 elective, Theatre Arts III builds upon the material introduced and developed in non-IB Theatre Arts I & II.  Course of study consists of advanced, more individualized work in a seminar style with in-dept research, analysis, application, and production emphases.  Specific technical preparation in script writing and editing, improvisation, acting, design and production, and directing will be explored through research, comparison and contrast analysis, and critique.  Successful completion prepares the student for the SL Theatre Arts exam. This course fulfills the N.C. Honors Theatre Arts A.



Prerequisite: ITGS is an Area #6 elective for students with an interest in exploring the impact of information technology

Information Technology in a Golbal Society is the study of and evaluation of the impact of information technology (IT) on individuals and society.  It explores the advantages and disadvantages of the use of digitized information at the local and global levels. ITGS provides a framework for the student to make informed judgments and decisions about the use of IT within social contexts.  Projects and a portfolio, along with successful completion of the ITGS test, are required.


Pre-IB Courses 


Art and Design I

Prerequisite: Art I

Designed specifically as an Area #6 elective pre-IB offering, this course goes beyond traditional Art II expectations to require students to participate in in-dept research and analysis of form, texture, and genre.  Students work independently on a variety of projects, introducing a wide range of styles and developing understanding and appreciation for each artistic venue. Specific projects include portfolio development and student-led conferencing.



Leadership Education I

Prerequisite: None (Credit: 1, Grades: 9-12, Weight: S)

Experience the 5 major subjects of the Marine Corps JROTC program: leadership, physical fitness and health, drill and ceremonies, marksmanship and military organization.  In this entry-level course, specific topics of study include: effective study techniques, leadership fundamentals, ethical standards, goal setting, and discipline/self-discipline.


Leadership Education II

Prerequisite: Pass LE I with a minimum grade of 80 (Credit: 1, Grades: 10-12, Weight: S)

Explore the five major areas of Marine Corps JRTOC in depth.  Participate in study of leadership principles, traits, styles, and motivation.  Participate in detailed classes associated with problem solving, authority and responsibility, human behavior, public speaking, physical fitness, competitive drill and competitive marksmanship.


Leadership Education III

Prerequisite: Pass LE II with a minimum grade of 80.  Must have SMI/MI approval (Credit: 1, Grades: 11-12, Weight: S)

Apply leadership principles in the Marine Corps JROTC.  The five major subjects are opened up to practical application in cadet leadership.  Most cadet officers, drill team, rifle team and color guard cadets are LE III cadets.


Leadership Education IV

Prerequisite: Pass LE III with a minimum of 85, SMI/MI permission

Participate in actual applied leadership roles and leadership training.  Cadets will be the backbone of the student leader corps and in command of most MC-JROTC activities.  Proficiency in each of the five major subjects is expected of each LE IV cadet.


Curtis Bigelow,  1st Sgt (Ret), Marine Instructor

Courses: JROTC level I & II 


Adolfo Torres,  Major (Ret), Senior Marine Instructor

Courses: JROTC level III & IV