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Reidsville High School

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Reidsville, North Carolina 27320

Phone (336) 349-6361; FAX:  (336) 349-3205

Principal:  Ann Mitchell

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Rockingham County Schools

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Additional Electives

Bible I

Prerequisite: None (Credit: 1, Grades: 9-12, Weight: S)

The Focus is on the Jewish nation's history, how the Bible came to us, and the Old Testament's key people and events.


Bible II

Prerequisite: Bible I (Credit: 1, Grades: 10-12, Weight: S)

The Focus is on the New Testament, emphasizing Jesus' life and the early church.


Library Media Assistant

Prerequisite: English I & II, Teacher Recommendation (Credit: 1, Grades: 10-12, Wt: S) 

Assist with the Media Center's day-to-day operation.  Learn basic principles of Media Center organization, including shelving books, checking out materials, Assisting students, working with video and audiovisual equipment, as well as using computers for research.


Teacher Cadet (Classroom)

Prerequisite: None (Credit: 1, Grade: 12, Weight: S)

This class is for seniors interested in education.  Sections include study of the learner, school governance, teaching practices and schools of the future.  Students will learn about different personality and learning styles, as well as human development, including physical, social and moral.  Students may continue their "Teacher Cadet Class" by participating in an internship opportunity inside a local classroom.


Public Speaking and Debate

Prerequisite: None (Credit: 1, Grades: 9-12, Weight: S)

Study speaking skills and styles, gather evidence through research to use for debating and extemporaneous speaking, as well as participate in mock contests to sharpen skills.  Speakers will "learn by doing." Plan on weekend traveling and competition in the areas of after-dinner and extemporaneous speaking, dramatic interpretations, original oratory, as well as debating.


Office Assistant

Prerequisite: Application (Credit: 0, Grade: 12, Weight: None)

Assist in office duties: includes typing, filing, answering phones and copying.


Lab Assistant

Prerequisite: Application (Credit: 0, Grade: 12, Weight: None)

The student will assist his/her teacher with various lab duties.  (This is a non-credit course.) 


Student Tutor

Prerequisite: Application (Credit: 0, Grade: 12, Weight: None)

Serve as a tutor for students.


Academic Skills

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation (Credit: 1, Grades: 9-12, Weight: Modified)

Participate in remediation and academic support for areas of need in completing the career curriculum.