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1st Semester Exams

Updated: Jan 6

Monday, 10 January - 1st Period EOC & CTE Exams

Tuesday, 11 January - 2nd Period EOC & CTE Exams

Wednesday, 12 January - 4th Period EOC & CTE Exams

Thursday, 13 January - 5th Period EOC & CTE Exams

Friday, 14 January - Make-Up EOC & CTE Exams

Students should be in their exam rooms promptly at 8:25 am and can go as late as 1:00 pm. Once exams begin, any late students will NOT be permitted in the exams and will have to take them on the Make-up day.

No students are permitted to leave the exam room until the exam sessions is finished for everyone.

Student's who attend school and are not assigned to take an exam will report to their designated room until all exams for other students have completed for the day.

Attendance still counts during the exam periods. On days a student does not have a scheduled EOC or CTE exam, they have the option to work remotely. To be counted present for each class period, you must complete the daily assignment for each teacher by 3:00pm each day.

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