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Foreign Language Department



Prerequisite: None, Credit: 1, Grades: 9-12, Weight: S

Acquire basic knowledge of the Spanish language through an emphasis on listening and speaking skills.  Study vocabulary and acquire a basic understanding of parts of speech and sentence structure. Also, learn about the Hispanic culture.



Prerequisite: Spanish I, Credit: 1, Grades: 10-12, Weight: S

Continue your emphasis on listening and speaking skills with the addition of reading and writing.  Study grammatical structure and major verb tenses, along with essential sentence structure necessary to use Spanish in everyday life.  Also, continue vocabulary building and Spanish cultural activities.



Prerequisite: Spanish II, Credit: 1, Grades: 11-12, Weight: H

Study reading and writing skills, as well as the development of oral proficiency.  Also, learn more about complex grammar patterns and Spanish Literature.



Prerequisite: Spanish III, Credit: 1, Grade: 12, Weight: H

Participate in an advanced study of the Spanish language, culture and literature.  Also, prepare for college placement exams.

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